Garden design

Garden design is the development of a garden project in accordance with the individual wishes of the client. The project includes the division of the environment or territory into zones (zoning), taking into account the location of paths and sites, the location of landscaping and architecture, as well as the placement of lighting solutions.

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Garden arrangement and care

A beautiful garden pleases and calms after a hard day, contributes to relaxation. And in order for such a garden to fulfill its functions over the years and not require special care from the owner, it is necessary to think through all the essential and important nuances from the very beginning. Gardening with the help of professionals can take from several days to several weeks. The secret of a beautiful garden lies in regular care, which includes maintaining the shape of flower beds, thinning plants, maintaining the shape of the trees crowns, lawn care (i.e. mowing the lawn, aeration of the lawn, fertilizing the soil). You can do a garden arrangement and take care of it both on your own and with the help of professionals, which is much faster and more convenient.

Arrangement and mowing of a lawn and a rolled lawn

Arrangement of a lawn or a rolled lawn is included in the list of the most important works in the process of creating a garden or park areas. In order for the lawn to remain beautiful for many years, it is important to initially determine your individual needs (in particular, the purpose of the lawn) and the characteristics of a particular territory, in order to carefully consider landscape planning.

We also offer services such as:

  • maintenance and care of your lawn (lawn aeration, grass mowing);
  • arrangement of a new lawn;
  • arrangement of a rolled lawn;
  • grass mowing with trimmer and classic mowing of a lawn.
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Planting and pruning quick hedges

The quick hedge is not only a decoration of the territory, pleasing the eyes of the owner and passers-by. A quick hedge can serve for some purpose, performing the functions assigned to it. If the garden owner needs to isolate themselves from the environment, for example, from dust and noise from the highway or hide from the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by, then the quick hedge will be a great solution, in addition, it will perform the function of protecting against wind. In this case, evergreens (thuja, juniper) should be chosen for the quick hedge.

In addition, the hedge can serve as a zoning element, creating a cozy corner for relaxation. If you choose flowering and low shrubs (such as spirea) for such a quick hedge, such a corner will become a stylish element of garden design. You can creatively approach the creation of a quick hedge by combining both trees and shrubs (lilac, jasmine, spirea, coniferous trees, etc.).

Quick hedges can be created from berry bushes (bushes of red currant, black currant) – it will be not only beautiful, but also delicious.

In order for a quick hedge to preserve its beauty and fulfill its functions for many years, you need to regularly take care of it and carry out the pruning process in accordance with the characteristics of plants.

Fruit tree crown formation

The purpose of fruit trees crown formation is to increase productivity. Without interfering with the natural growth of trees, there is a risk of crop loss, because the tree overgrows, and the branches located above shade the branches that are lower, which significantly inhibits the growth of the fruit and reduces their quality. But do not forget that too frequent or incorrect pruning of fruit trees will not bring any benefit either.


Tree cutting and stub milling

Ir nepieciešams likvidēt bīstamos kokus un veikt celmu frēzēšanu vai celmu izrakšanu, vai arī vienkārši veikt zaru apzāģēšanu? Uzticiet veikt šos darbus SIA “Gardens” speciālistiem!

Do you need to remove dangerous trees and perform milling or digging stubs or just cut branches? Entrust the execution of these works to the specialists of LLC “Gardens”!

Arborist (tree grower) is a specially trained professional who is engaged in a variety of works that are related to trees and shrubs.

Arborist services include planting trees and shrubs and caring for them, planting and caring for quick hedges, forming tree crowns, thinning branches, forming trees, bushes, quick hedges; removal of dangerous trees and cutting branches.