About us

We offer various services for improvement, gardening and cleaning of the territory.

Our activity is based on a platform of various services and flexible offers – we offer both one-time cleaning of the territory and regular cleaning throughout the year in accordance with the characteristics of the season.

“Gardens” is a team with rich experience, an environmentally friendly way of thinking, for which work is a hobby – we do everything with joy and great responsibility, in turn, the head of the company Lauris Liepins, who works in the field of land improvement and cleaning, takes care of the successful result since 2005, and received his knowledge, practical skills and experience not only in Latvia but also abroad.

Every year we take on new challenges, take on ever more complex tasks, gradually expanding the scope of our services, therefore, in the near future, “Gardens” plans to become one of the leading providers of landscaping and cleaning services in Latvia.

Currently, the range of services offered by “Gardens” includes:

  • Improvement of the territory and landscaping
  • Garden design
  • Garden arrangement and landscaping care
  • Shaping and mowing lawn and roll lawn
  • Lawn rotation and aeration
  • Creating and pruning quick hedges
  • Stone garden construction
  • Reconstruction of the garden
  • Strengthening of coasts, slopes and construction of retaining walls
  • Installation of automatic irrigation systems in the garden
  • Land milling
  • Garden pests control
  • Creation of a vegetable and fruit garden
  • Fruit tree crown formation
  • Tree cutting and stub milling
  • Cleaning of territories from bushes
  • Landscaping of roof terraces and gardens
  • Paving

Read more about the work of “Gardens” in the Services section. https://gardens.lv/en/services