Garden design

Beautiful, well-designed, urban and private designed, tastefully and in accordance with preferences and needs, this is a great value that is felt not only when you are in this environment and enjoy your vacation, but even just passing by.

There are people who find it easy a garden design – they can immediately imagine what and where it will be located. For others, garden design is a solid and impenetrable dense forest, and they decide to entrust this work to professionals – landscape architects. Garden design include carefully thought-out planning of the territory – the development of a plan for improvement or landscaping, as well as such an important nuance as the design of landscaping. During the planning of the territory, it is important to consider the location of the flower beds, pedestrian and automobile paths, the location of the various zones (active recreation areas, playgrounds, recreation areas, terraces and pool areas, if there are any). For this reason, planning programs for garden and landscape design can be extremely useful in this matter.

Garden design includes not only carefully thought-out planning of the territory and the development of landscape design. The purpose of garden design is also to provide visual attractiveness and functionality of the environment, taking into account many other factors, such as terrain, environmental, historical and other nuances associated with this environment.

Projecting a garden design involves developing a plan for an aesthetically beautiful, harmonious and cozy environment that can also be created in accordance with certain styles of garden design.

In the projecting of garden design use several styles:

  1. Regular style.
  2. Landscape style.
  3. Eastern style.

Garden design and landscape design include Japanese and Chinese style; English style, Italian and French styles; Mediterranean style Dutch as well as Modern.

These styles can be combined with each other, creating a unique result.

Landscaping design includes a carefully thought-out selection of plants and a plan for their location (flower beds, flower boxes), as well as providing the possibility of convenient and complete care for them, for example, arranging an automatic irrigation system.