Garden design

A garden design is an important part of the process of creating an urban area, a personal garden or your own place of relaxation, which you have long dreamed of – a garden.

Garden design includes several areas such as:

  • Garden design;
  • Landscape gardening;
  • Landscape design;
  • Garden projection.
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Garden arrangement and care

Garden arrangement and care can be carried out both on their own, and with the help of specialists. In any case, this is an interesting and fascinating event, if all the work and nuances are carefully thought out. But often, garden arrangement is carried out with their own resources, the event drags on several years, and the result is not as expected. In additional, garden care should be carried out regularly and correctly.  These are the main reasons why you should entrust the execution of these works to professionals, and devote your free time to yourself.

Dārzu ierīkošana un kopšana
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Arrangement and mowing of a lawn and a rolled lawn

The secret of a beautiful lawn lies in three important things:

  • circumspect arrangement of a lawn (or arrangement of a rolled lawn);
  • timely mowing of a lawn;
  • timely lawn care (watering, fertilizer, aeration of a lawn).

It is very important to carry out these works correctly so that you do not have to redo them later. A beautiful and well-kept lawn is a job that we like.

Tūju dzīvžogu stādīšana un kopšana

Planting and pruning quick hedges

A quick hedge is a universal solution for gardens, which not only decorates the territory, but also performs other important functions – protects from the wind, creates shading, acts as a sound barrier, etc.

The choice of the most suitable plant species, as well as the height of the quick hedge created depends on the purpose for which it will serve. Quick hedges can be created from evergreen plants, as well as from various conifers, as well as deciduous species and shrubs. The choice is large and everyone will find for themselves the most suitable option that will delight the eye!

Tūju dzīvžogu stādīšana un kopšana
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Fruit tree crown formation

The procedure of fruit tree crown formation is carried out in order to increase productivity and its duration, in addition, this has a positive effect on the quality of the fruits themselves. For each type and species of tree, the procedure of tree crown formation is carried out differently, but its implementation is equally important and necessary for both young and recently planted, as well as already mature trees.


Tree cutting and stub milling

As a rule, tree cutting is required to eliminate dangerous trees. If the tree is damaged and poses a threat to the health and safety of people or property, special permission must be obtained, after which the specialists will remove the unsafe tree and transport it to the appropriate place, and the remaining stub will be eliminated by milling. The specialists LLC “Gardens” will qualitatively perform all the necessary services: removing branches, trees cutting, felling trees, milling and digging stubs.

Arborist (tree grower) is a specially trained professional who is engaged in a variety of works that are related to trees and shrubs.

Arborist services include planting trees and shrubs and caring for them, planting and caring for quick hedges, forming tree crowns, thinning branches, forming trees, bushes, quick hedges; removal of dangerous trees and cutting branches.