Tree cutting and stub milling

Trees growing in any territory (both in the city park and in the garden) should be not only well-groomed and beautiful, but also safe. If the trees are damaged, they pose a threat to human health and safety, property, and road safety. And depending on the situation, it is necessary to cut dangerous trees or hack them down.

However, arbitrary tree cutting or tree felling is unacceptable. These works must be coordinated and obtain permission to cut trees growing outside the forest, or in other words – permission for trees cutting. Cutting branches can also be carried out only after obtaining special permission. Each case is individual, and LLC “Gardens” specialists will be happy to help you.

When the cutting of branches is completed, we also provide services such as chopping and removal of branches.

After the tree felling or the tree cutting is completed, it is necessary to perform stub milling or stub digging, depending on the situation. Our professionals perform both of these operations using specialized equipment.

LLC “Gardens” offers the following services:

  • branch cutting,
  • chopping and removal of branches,
  • tree cutting,
  • removal of dangerous trees,
  • tree felling,
  • stub milling,
  • stub digging.

We will be happy to help you!

Arborist Services

Arborist (tree grower) is a specially trained professional who is engaged in a variety of works that are related to trees and shrubs.

Arborist services include planting trees and shrubs and caring for them, planting and caring for quick hedges, tree crowns formation, thinning branches, forming trees, bushes, quick hedges; removal of dangerous trees and cutting branches.