Fruit tree crown formation

Fruit trees crown formation has a positive effect on productivity and its duration. Thanks to this procedure, the fruits grow big and beautiful. How to do the fruit tree crown formation? For each variety and tree species, crown formation is different, but the procedure is equally necessary for new, newly planted, and adult trees. In addition, due to the crown formation, the desired height and shape of the tree can be obtained.

The tree crown formation includes many different procedures, such as removing green shoots, pinching the buds, bending the branches, pruning the branches, removing unnecessary branches, but there are times when you can’t do without cutting the branches (when you need to shorten the top or the branch is broken off or sick) .

First we need to decide what we want to achieve, then it will be easier to decide at what time to carry out such procedures as pruning fruit trees and forming a tree crown – in early spring or summer. Pruning at the wrong time or pruning too much will contribute to overgrowth of water shoots that will have to be fought for several more years. They should be removed because they are superfluous and obscure the fruit branches that produce the crop. It is important to evaluate whether the tree has dry or diseased branches, and whether the branches intersect. In case the branches intersect, it is necessary to evaluate which of the branches should be trimmed. If the tree has diseased branches, they should be cut and burned or transported. In any case, these branches cannot be left in the garden.

It is believed that spring is the most suitable time when it is necessary to carry out the tree crown formation. The main thing is that the procedure should be carried out before the leaves open, or when the tree has completely dropped the foliage – in late autumn (remember that after cutting the branches, it is recommended to cover all wounds with tree-pruning paste). But sometimes it’s better to do it in the summer – from mid-June to mid-August – thus, the tree calms down, so this is the most suitable time to reduce the height of the tree and the formation of new and intensively growing trees.

Pruning fruit trees in the spring promotes the growth and blooming of buds and is more suitable for old trees in order to stimulate the formation of new shoots.

After the procedure of the formation the tree crown resembles a pyramid or the shape of a cup. Thanks to this, the upper branches will not obscure the lower ones, and the fruits will be able to fully grow.

This principle must be observed for trees of different heights.

Do not forget that you need to care regularly for fruit trees. The removal of branches has a great importance, which subsequently affects the yield of fruit trees and the quality of the fruits themselves. With thinning small branches, the quality of the crop increases.

Having inherited a territory with old and overgrown trees, it is necessary to update the orchard.

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