Arrangement and mowing of a lawn and a rolled lawn

Undoubtedly, a beautiful lawn is an important element of the landscape both in parks and in home gardens.

It is necessary to carefully and thoughtfully approach the arrangement of the lawn so that in the future there is no need to redo it.

You can equip the lawn on your own or entrust this work to specialists with experience in arranging a quality lawn. For arranging the lawn on your own, some important recommendations that should be followed are useful:

  • In no case you should equip a new lawn in place of the former lawn! In late autumn, the old lawn should be milled or completely removed, and then a layer of fertile black soil should be poured, leveled and rolled with a roller.
  • The soil should be fertile, the layer should be at least 10 cm and allow air and water to pass through. It is better to prepare the soil in the fall, so that it thickens enough during the winter. If the soil is not fertile, it must be fertilized two weeks before sowing the lawn.
  • If you plan to use paths made of paving stones or other materials in your garden design, in no case do not pour black soil above the level of the track cover. Ideally, the soil should be at least 2 cm below this level, because with the growth of the lawn, the roots will raise the soil, and when mowing the lawn should remain at the same level with the track.
  • The area provided for equipping the lawn should be flat. This is a laborious manual work. The surface must be leveled with a special rake.
  • Sowing the lawn also needs to be planned. The lawn can be sown from spring until the fall, taking into account weather conditions. Too late a sown grass mixture may not have time to take root and will freeze in the winter. Lawn seeds are sown with a hand or a special seeder. The seeding rate per square meter is usually indicated on the packaging. Best results are achieved if half of the seeds are sown in one direction and the other half in the other, perpendicular to the previous direction of sowing. Do not sow grass mixtures in windy weather, or during heavy rain. After sowing, the lawn must be watered. It is imperative to ensure that the lawn is not exposed to excessive watering. If the sprouted seeds suffer from drought, the lawn will burn and the sowing will have to be repeated.
  • The arrangement of the rolled lawn is carried out in the same way as with a conventional seeded lawn – the soil should also be pre-prepared, but the only difference is that the soil layer should be 2 cm lower, because the height of the rolled lawn itself will be about 2 cm. Before arrangement a rolled lawn, the soil must be fertilized.
  • It is very important to water the lawn or roll lawn correctly. If rain is not expected, you should water the lawn abundantly, in addition, pay attention to the water completely wetting the soil. Watering is done several times (depending on weather conditions) in order to keep the soil moist until rooting occurs.
  • The first mowing of the grass of the seeded lawn or the mowing of the rolled lawn can be carried out for about 3 weeks after the germination of the grass, despite the fact that the stems may still seem weak. However, this must be done, since each mowing of the grass contributes to the formation of density and brightness of the lawn.

Arrangement of a lawn and arrangement of a rolled lawn is a responsible work that must be performed by specialists with relevant experience and knowledge.

To make the lawn look well-groomed and fulfill its function, it must be properly looked after. Of course, regular and proper lawn mowing or carpet mowing, lawn verticalization, lawn irrigation, watering and top dressing are just as important. It is very important that water, fertilizers and air penetrate to the very roots, and therefore, aeration is one of the regularly performed lawn care work. What is lawn aeration?

Literally, aeration of the lawn is a process when, using special devices (aerators), small holes are created on the lawn in order to enrich it with air and promote growth.

What is this for?

It happens that in the dry summer the lawn begins to turn yellow, after rain or watering the water does not penetrate the soil enough, the lawn does not grow as it should, it thins and loses its attractiveness. What is the reason? The roots do not have enough air.

Aeration improves air access to the roots, stimulating growth and rapid restoration of the lawn, and also helps in the fight against moss. The most suitable time for aeration of the lawn is spring, when the mowing season has not yet begun, or in the fall, when it is already completed.

Let’s talk a bit about mowing the lawn.

In the warm season, mowing is done on average once a week, cutting grass no less than 3 cm. If you mow below, it can contribute to even more burnout of the lawn. If there is heat, then mowing the lawn should be postponed until the evening. Mowing a carpeted lawn is the same as mowing a seeded lawn. In late autumn, grass can and even needs to be mowed to a lower level than the height of the lawn mower. Of course, the height of mowing the grass also depends on the composition, which is indicated on the packaging of the sowing grass mixture.

There are people who leave mowed grass on the lawn as additional fertilizer. However, it is not recommended to do this, because reduced air access, water drainage, as a result of which the soil can become a hotbed of infections and various pathogens. Mowed grass is best placed in compost, which can later be used in other garden work.

Care must be taken to ensure that the mower blade is always sharpened. If the blade is blunt, it will tear the grass. You will notice this after mowing, when the ends of the stems of the grass turn white. If you look closely, you can see that the ends of the stems are torn off, not cut off.

In hard-to-reach and uneven places grass should be trimmed with a trimmer. You can mow with a trimmer not only grass, but also clean the overgrown territory, ditches, remove shrubs.

You can do gardening with your own hands, such as mowing grass and mowing with a trimmer, or you can entrust this work to LLC “Gardens” specialists, and devote free time to yourself and your family.