Garden arrangement and care

In the modern rapid pace of life, we are forced to be under stress for a long time and adapt to them – such is life. And each of us must, in a short time, somehow restore internal forces for the next day. We all know about the wonderful healing powers of nature. The nature of Latvia is beautiful and diverse. We can go in any direction to enjoy the landscape views of this country. But we cannot afford to do this daily, and we must look for an alternative solution. A beautiful, harmonious and cozy garden will be a great place where you can take breath from the routine, relax, enjoy the picturesque view and at the same time do not need to go anywhere.

Garden arrangement is a process when it is necessary to carefully consider all the details and nuances of the future garden – where the beds will be located, where there will be a rest area, paths, etc., so that the garden will please its owners for many years with beauty and would not require much care. The secret of a beautiful garden lies in the correct and regular care, which includes maintaining the shape of flower beds, thinning plants, maintaining the shape of the trees crowns, lawn care (i.e. mowing the lawn, aeration of the lawn, fertilizing the soil).

Here are some nuances that will be useful for those who are going to complete the garden arrangement or the improvement of an existing garden on their own:

  • you should not give geometric shapes to flowerbeds, lawn and paths – it is better to choose smooth lines that intersect in places;
  • to avoid weed control, garden paths should be built uniformly and without seams between them, and the best materials for paths would be tile, gravel or wood;
  • you need to be prepared for the fact that at first the flower beds and the rest of the gardening will need care and attention from the owners from time to time, but after a year or two they will thank with their beauty, and they will no longer need special care.

The garden arrangement and the improvement of the garden on our own is an interesting and fascinating event, if all the work and nuances were carefully thought out from the beginning. But if this event is delayed for several years, then the result is often not the same as it was planned at the beginning.

If you turn to professionals for whom garden arrangement and garden improvement is a matter of the soul, the whole process will take a couple of days or weeks (depending on the complexity and amount of work). And the result will not be long in coming, which is doubly more pleasant.

Landscaping is a voluminous process that includes a number of additional and related works.

But like all processes of this kind, landscaping begins with the planning and development of the project.

And only after that you can start work related to landscaping:

  • cleansing the territory (includes not only clearing the territory from old garbage, but also such activities as removing trees, cutting dangerous trees, cutting trees, removing shrubs; stubs milling, digging stubs, cutting branches, chopping and removing branches, etc.);
  • if necessary, shore strengthening, slope strengthening is carried out;
  • installation of a drainage system and storm sewer, arrangement of an automatic watering system;
  • installation of pools, cascades and fountains;
  • arrangement of a pond and gutters;
  • arrangement of paths and sidewalks, paving (laying of concrete, pavers and stone);
  • landscaping (arranging a lawn or arranging a roll lawn, mowing a lawn, planting plants, planting fruit trees, planting quick hedges, other work).