A rolled lawn is an excellent solution, given that you do not need to wait until the lawn is formed – you immediately have a green zone. The rolled lawn is specially grown and subjected to special care, it is cut into rolls in the nursery for easy transportation and laying in the right place. The rolled lawn is cut only of that square, in which it is possible to lay it completely on the corresponding day in order to avoid its drying and death.

Soil preparation before laying a rolled lawn is similar to soil preparation for a usual lawn. The black soil is leveled by a rake and compacted by a garden roller. It is very important that the area is perfectly flat.

When the soil is prepared, begin laying the lawn roll. Laying of a rolled lawn should be carried out carefully, without formation of cracks. The grass should be border with the soil, and the edges should be docked as closely as possible. Work is performed alternately. It is also important that the joints do not fall into one line. Places where any gap remained are sprinkled with black soil. When the rolled lawn is laid, it must be tamped with a garden roller and walk a little rake to raise grass. After laying, it is important to water the roll lawn abundantly until it takes root in a new place – about two weeks. Laying a roll lawn can be carried out throughout the season.

Rolled lawn care is carried out in the same way as a usual lawn.

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