For growing of a quick hedge luxuriantly, it is not enough just to plant it properly, which, of course, is also very important. For quick hedges, proper care is important, which includes shaping, fertilizing and cleaning. Pruning an evergreen quick hedge (thuja) is preferably carried out annually in May. Such pruning is necessary so that the quick hedge can expand to the side and form a dense wall. It is also important to clean the hedge of old dead particles that accumulate between branches and block its development. Pruning of deciduous quick hedges is best done in early spring before buds open and in early August. Blooming quick hedges are recommended to be formed after flowering, which will contribute to better flowering next year. Renovation of living free-growing quick hedges is carried out regularly by cutting dry and diseased branches.

For side dressing, which is carried out from late April to late June, as a rule, specialized complex fertilizers are used, after which the soil must be watered. Around the beds from time to time it is recommended to pour a layer of mulch about 5 cm thick. In winter, it protects the root system from frost, and in summer from heat. Also, the mulch retains moisture in the soil longer and prevents the quick hedge from overgrowing with weeds.

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