Zāliena pļaušana


In the warm season, the lawn is mowed once a week on average, mowing grass not less than 3 cm. Mowing the grass lower can lead to greater burnout of the lawn. In hot weather, it is better to mow the grass in the evening. In late autumn, grass can and even needs to be mowed to a lower level than the height of the lawn mower. Of course, the mowing height also depends on the type of grass indicated on the packaging of the seed crop mixture.

Some people do not remove the mowed grass, leaving it as an additional fertilizer. On the lawn, which is regularly looked after, it is not recommended to leave the mowed grass as an additional fertilizer, since this reduces the air supply, prevents the outflow of water, which as a result can serve as a source of infection and a causative agent of various diseases of the lawn. Mowed grass is best placed in compost, which can be later used in other garden work.

Care must be taken to ensure that the mower blade is always sharpened. If the blade is blunt, it will tear the grass. You will notice this after mowing, when the ends of the stems of the grass turn white. If you look closely, you can see that the ends of the stems are torn off, not cut off.

Watering the lawn is most often required in dry weather, which is best done early in the morning and late in the evening. We remind you once again that the lawn should not be excessively watered to prevent soil compaction and leaching of useful substances from it. The roots of the grass also suffer from excess water. Watering is also necessary after fertilizing and grass seeding.

At any time of the year, it is necessary to regularly apply specially provided fertilizer to the lawn. How regularly fertilizing the lawn occurs depends on the situation and the weather – all individually. If fertilizer is applied, but the condition of the lawn does not improve, a soil analysis should be carried out, by which it will be possible to determine what is missing for the full growth of the grass.

For a beautiful lawn, you need to regularly: mow grass, fertilize, aerate and vertify, irrigate and water.

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