The weather forecast promises an early incoming of spring, which means active cleaning of a ground. Contact “Gardens” LLC! We will be happy to help! The company provides various services related to landscaping, gardening and cleaning of territories, as well as gardens.

Lawn care

In the spring, when the snow has melted, it is possible to assess the extent of damage to the lawn after the winter period. In order for the lawn to recover as soon as possible after winter, it is necessary to carry out a number of complex works. Lawn maintenance work is carried out only after the lawn became dry, otherwise it can be damaged.

First, you should collect with a rake the rubbish that has compacted on the top layer of the soil (remove last year’s leaves, needles, dead grass and moss). When freeing the lawn from dead grass, it is necessary to slightly loosen the topsoil to facilitate the flow of oxygen.

One of the mandatory spring lawn maintenance works is aeration and verticulation of the lawn. Verticulation stimulates new lawn growth. After verticulation it is necessary to remove all rubbish from the lawn. It is advisable to burn this rubbish or take it out of the territory, but in no case throw it into a compost bin.

After verticulation, it is necessary to sow the grass, taking into account that measures have been taken to ensure excellent conditions for germination and development of seeds. After overseeding, the lawn needs to be fertilized. After the winter, nitrogen-based chemical fertilizers should be used. You need to evenly scatter fertilizers, and then water abundantly.

Care of deciduous and coniferous trees

In early spring, before the leaves bloom, it is recommended to carry out the formation of the crown of trees and shrubs. Regularly performing the crown formation procedure, a powerful, proportional growth corresponding to the type is achieved.

When forming the crown of fruit trees, it is necessary to carry out thinning for the light to penetrate into the crown. Cut out dry, damaged, crossed branches, water shoots. Preventive spraying should be carried out against diseases and pests, before flowering. Dried, overgrown old branches are cut off from the bushes, and the branches that compact the crown are also thinned out. After pruning, each tree should be fed with the appropriate fertilizer.

When carrying out spring work on the care of conifers, attention should be paid to broken and dry branches. They must be removed, as well as the formation of the crown, thus refreshing the shape of the plants. Conifers, like other woody plants, should also be fertilized with the fertilizer provided for them.