A garden can be made attractive not only by regular maintenance of the plants and lawn, but also by creating and dividing different coverings in uniform lines. One of the variants is to install flower bed curbs with a shovel. It should be borne in mind that in the first year, the fence will need to be renewed more often – at least three times per season. The edge of the lawn, which merges with the cobbled surface, also needs to be renewed from time to time by cutting. This is one way to achieve an aesthetically pleasing general view.

A curb can be created using specialized garden fences that can be shaped in various ways. They integrate well into the general garden landscape. Uniform demarcation lines can be created for both plantings and lawns. The main function of decorative garden curbs is to separate the various surfaces of the garden (for example, flower beds from a lawn or a lawn from paving stones). Decorative garden curbs are also placed around trees or bushes to make it easier to mow lawns with a trimmer or lawnmower to preserve the trunks.

“Gardens” LLC gardeners will help you with the creation, installation and maintenance of garden curbs and fences.