If you are considering the idea of ​​landscaping a garden, you must carefully consider what its use will be.

The use can be the most diverse:

  • perhaps your garden will serve as a great place, where you can relax;
  • perhaps you will use the garden for outdoor activities;
  • perhaps you have pets that need their place in the garden;
  • perhaps you want to install a children’s playgroundor maybe even a garden-bed for your own pleasure.

To create a beautiful landscape on your territory, of course, you should involve creative, qualified landscape architects – people with knowledge and experience. LLC „Gardens” is also developing a garden project in old, overgrown and untended gardens. LLC “Gardens” creates a garden according to the project, separately making an estimate of the cost of implementation.

Detailed landscaping projects are available in different versions according to your needs – master plan, planting plan, plant table with / without description, plans for horizontal and vertical reference, as well as drawings of landscaping and 3D visualization elements.

Creating landscape design is a responsible job. Trust us and together we will create the garden of your dreams!

генеральный план, план насаждений, таблица растений с/без описания, планы горизонтальной и вертикальной привязки, а также чертежи элементов благоустройства и 3D-визуализации.

Создание ландшафтного дизайна – это ответственная работа.  Доверьтесь нам, и вместе мы создадим сад Вашей мечты!

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